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Photo: Taiwan harbor by James Frazier

Why Global Studies?

Students who choose Global Studies find it both exciting and important to explore the world. Today’s international flow of goods and services, diffusion of ideas and technologies, migration of peoples, and cultural fusion add up to constant and rapid change. Living, working and participating successfully in this world requires an understanding of its complexities, an ability to think critically, and an openness to new experiences and realities. Students who want to travel, seek adventure, and connect across boundaries find global studies irresistible, essential, and meaningful.


Majors in Social Science with Emphasis on Global Studies gain durable tools to enrich and empower the global community by promoting social justice. By taking courses in anthropology, cultural geography, economics, history, political science, psychology, and sociology, students become competent to analyse, contextualize, and change global realities. In the process, students create linkages between local and national issues, movements, and ideas as they relate to the rest of the world, and prepare both for a variety of careers and for all-important responsibilities as global citizens.




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