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Community Studies

Why major in Social Science with an emphasis in Community Studies, or earn a Community Studies certificate? Students who choose Community Studies enjoy contributing to society—they want to make a difference. Community studies majors develop the cultural competence, and the skills, to negotiate cultural boundaries, embrace differences, and address issues of common concern. Serving with community leaders at local agencies helps students become part of important movements for social justice and change. Learning to work with others provides tools for understanding self and family within a broader social context. And Community Studies majors develop attributes every employer seeks, while honing critical thinking and writing skills that will serve them well in academia and in life.


Majors in Social Science with Emphasis on Community Studies gain durable tools to enrich and empower their communities by promoting social justice. Taking courses in anthropology, cultural geography, economics, history, political science, psychology, and sociology, students become competent to analyse, contextualize, and change local communities. They create linkages between national and global issues, movements, and ideas as they relate to local communities, and prepare both for a variety of careers and for all-important responsibilities as participants in a democracy.



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