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Academic Senate Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents
Feb 3


Minutes Feb. 3


Feb 17

Senate 2014 Goals

Learning Commons

Accreditation Follow-up Report

Mar 3

Ideas for 2015 Senate Goals

ESL Dept. & Noncredit

Mar 17

2015 Senate Goals Draft # 2

Draft Strategic Plan 2015-2016

Noncredit Instruction D. Klein Presentation

Noncredit Instruction Discussion Sheet

Apr 7

Equivalency Committee Report

Senate Goals 2015

Learning Commons Proposal

Comments on Strategic Plan 2015-2016 Draft

Apr 21

Proposed Draft of Resolution on SLO Assessment

May 5

Administrative/Board Policy Updates Ch. 1-2

Administrative/Board Policy Updates Ch. 3

Learning Commons Proposal

Proposal for Creation of Ad-Hoc Committee on Noncredit Instruction

Proposal for Modification of AP 2510

May 12 Learning Commons Proposal
Jul 14

no quorum


Aug 11

no quorum


Sep 1

Minutes of Sep. 1


Learning Council report

AP 2510 Modification

Proposal for Modification of AP 2510

Senate Bylaws with commentary

Impact of Grants draft

Full-Time Hiring Process Proposal

Sep 15

Full-Time Hiring Process Proposal

Oct 6



Oct 20

SSSP Credit Plan draft and budget 2015-16

SSSP Noncredit Plan draft 2015-16

SSSP Noncredit draft budget 2015-16

Equity Plan and budget draft 2015-16

Enrollment Background Information Dept. Chairs

Senate Recommendation Dec 2010

Senate Resolution Dec 2010

Cancelled Sections Spring 2015

Cancelled Sections Fall 2015

Cancelled Sections Spring 2015 Excel

Cancelled Sections Fall 2015 Excel


Nov 3

Ch. 2 AP/BP policy revisions

College Hour Background Information

College Hour Staff Survey

College Hour Report

College Hour Exemptions

Classes held during College Hour

Nov 17

Ch. 1 AP/BP policy revisions

Ch. 2 AP/BP policy revisions. Nov 10, 2015

Final SSSP Credit Plan and Budget

Senate College Hour Recommendations

Questions on Enrollment-Program Stability-Class Cancellation

Dec 1

Student Equity Plan final draft

Noncredit Committee Recommendations

College Hour Recommendations - First Draft

Reorganization Proposal - Office of Instruction - 9/15/15

Senate Questions on Reorganization Proposal - 9/28/15

Dec 8    

Past Agendas and Minutes

Last modified: February 10, 2016
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