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BIO 21:    Field Ecology

Advisory: Eligible for English 250 and Math 205.
Transferable: CSU
Introduces concepts in ecology, plant and animal identification, natural history, and habitat assessment in a field setting. The class will have a two hour preliminary meeting to prepare for two successive meetings to local habitats. Camping is not required. Outings will be rescheduled in the case of inclement weather. This course has the option of a letter grade or credit/no credit. May be repeated twice for credit.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
6502 FEX PB12 MORALES R 2.0 Th&16.4 0630P - 0835P 33
Class meets 01/10/08 - 01/19/08
    GY999 MORALES R   F&16.4 0600A - 1000P  
      MORALES R   S&16.4