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PE 701:    Tai Chi for Wellness

Transferable: No
This course will introduce the student to the thirty seven posture forms and movements of Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on slow paced coordinated movements that improve balance, coordination, mobility and breathing. The students will also learn how to use this non-contact exercise program to reduce stress in their daily lives.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
4765 LAB APE101 CARVER J .0 MTh 1200P - 0100P  
Class meets 02/06/06 - 05/04/06
6505 LAB APE101 ALCANTAR M .0 MTh 0700P - 0900P  
Class meets 02/02/06 - 04/06/06
      ALCANTAR M