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MGMT 190:    Occupational Work Experience/Management-Supervision
Required:: Declared vocational major. Concurrent enrollment in seven or more units (including CWE units, except for summer school. For summer school, enrollment in one other class is required). Minimum 2.00 G.P.A.
Transferable: CSU; UC
College credit for learning experience obtained on the job in accordance with a training plan developed cooperatively between the employer, college and student. 75 hours per semester per unit or 60 hours per semester for unpaid experience. This is a credit/no credit course. May be taken for a maximum of 16 work experience units.
Sect# Type Room Instructor Units Days Time Start-End Footnotes
0513 WEX SBA NOLAN L 1-4 TBA 0000 - 0000 16
See Footnote: This class meets Off Campus





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