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Gavilan College
Fall 2006 Opinion Survey

If you have already filled out this survey in a classroom, thank you and please do not take the survey again!
If you have not taken this survey in the classroom or online, thank you for participating in the survey.

Are you a... 

Did you attend a different community college or other institution last semester?

Your decision to pursue your education at Gavilan College is important to us.

We are interested in all of your reasons for enrolling in classes this Fall semester.

Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each statement as it relates to your reasons for enrolling at Gavilan College this semester.

1. I enrolled because I am getting my AA/AS degree or certificate at Gavilan.
2. I enrolled after hearing about Gavilan College on the radio or TV.
3. I enrolled because Gavilan is close to home or work.
4. I enrolled after a conversation with a Gavilan counselor.
5. I enrolled because I learned that Gavilan now has shorter semesters.
6. Big time education, home town location.
7. I enrolled because Gavilan's class schedule fits well with my schedule.
8. I enrolled because my friends also attend Gavilan.
9. I enrolled because I like the instructors at Gavilan.
10. I enrolled because a representative from Gavilan visited my high school.
11. I enrolled because I can take classes in Gilroy, Morgan Hill, or Hollister.
12. I enrolled because the semester started later this fall (after Labor Day).
13. I enrolled because of the four-year degree program with Indiana University.
14. I enrolled after a conversation with my high school teacher or counselor.
Other reason?: (optional type-in response)

Your Ethnicity Your Gender Your Age
American Indian/Alaskan Native Female 17 or younger
Asian/Pacific Islander/Filipino Male 18 - 20
Black; Non-Hispanic     21 - 24
Latino/Hispanic Educational Goal 25 - 29
White; Non-Hispanic Transfer to 4-year college 30 - 34
Other AA Degree 35 - 39
  AS Degree 40 - 44
Enrolled in Day or Evening classes Certificate 45 - 49
Day Job Skills 50 - 59
Night Personal Interest 60 or older
Both Other  
Total class units this fall How many semesters have you attended Gavilan (including Fall 2006)
0 to 6 units  
1   2   3
4   5   6+
7 to 11 units  
12 or more units  

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