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Research in Progess / Research Agenda

Tier 1: Project Description Due date
Student profile reports (biannual) A report for the board that profiles basic information about the current student population. 4 weeks into each semester
Performance indicator reports (annual) A report for the board that reports findings around a series of Institutional goals. Annually Fall
Report to community reports (annual) Data provided on the College and students to the marketing director for a report to the community. End of September
Validation efforts (English, ESL, Math) Test validation studies of each of these subjects Fall every 4 years
VATEA survey and reports (triannual) A survey administered to all ROP students 2 week into each semester analysis and reporting towards the end of the semester
IPEDS reports (triannual) An online survey process which included multiple data sources. Early on each term
Student Success Scorecard Disseminate CCCCO data campus wide Each Fall
Institutional Effectiveness Review Unit data (annual) Student and staff characteristics provided to each unit under the review Fall each year
Program review data Data for departments in evaluation cycle February 2016
Student Equity Plan Support with campus based research (data), goals, measurable outcomes, activities Annually
SSSP Plan Support the committee with campus based research (data) Annually

Tier 2: Project Description Due date Completion
Hollister and Morgan Hill campus site surveys Student survey about the centers at the usage of services 11/15/15 Fall 2015
IEC revisions and development Working with the Institutional Effectiveness Committee to strengthen the review process Ongoing Completed
Strategic planning reports Reports provided to the strategic planning committee Due end of October Completed
Title V grant Support for the evaluation of the Title V grant Ongoing  
Title V tech survey Need assessment survey for Technology Winter  
Distance Ed grant Evaluation of distance education grant (focus groups, student data tracking) Ongoing  

ACCESS baseline

A comparison of access students on a variety of indices.

Fall 2015


STEM grant data Provide evaluation data for the STEM grant March  

Tier 3: Project Description Due date Completion
ESL Child development Tracking the success of participants in the ESL CD program.   open  
Update information on website Update the data table and information of the website open  
National Student Clearinghouse reporting Determine the number of Gavilan students enrolled into a 4-yr. university Ongoing  
English basic skills cut scores Assist with survey and cut score analysis for new Basic skills class for Eng. Dept. Fall 2015 Report completed Winter 2016
Faculty Full time/Part time matrix Faculty productivity measure Open  

Past Projects [ open - past projects table ]

Project Partner/Requestor Start Date Projected End Date Status
Institutional Effectiveness Committee IEC Ongoing Ongoing Improving unit plan update process
Facilities Planning Support President Spring 2004 Ongoing Supporting free flow and participation rate by zip analyses
IPEDS Reporting NCES Ongoing Ongoing  
Opening Enrollment Report Board Ongoing Ongoing  
VATEA Survey Vocational and Public Services/ROP/MIS Ongoing Ongoing  
Accreditation WASC 2004 2006 Supporting learning outcomes implementation and committee formation
Assessment Validation, CTEP for English English 2005 2005 Analyzing cut score validity
Assessment Validation, MDTP for Math Math 2005 2005 Analyzing cut score validity
Assessment Validation, CTEP for Reading English 2005 2005 Analyzing cut score validity
Basic Skills Follow Up Survey English Feb 2005 May 2005  
Enrollment Projection Improvement CCCCO/LAO/DOF June 2004 May 2005 Finalizing
FTES projection model President/VP Summer 2004 Fall 2005 Second model circulating for review
Learning Community Evaluation English/Math/Title V Fall 2002 Fall 2005 In Progress
Pre-requisite Research Curriculum Committee Spring 2004 Fall 2004 Complete
Student and Employee Satisfaction Survey and Analysis Student Services Spring 2004 Fall 2004 Complete
Student Equity Plan Update CCCCO Fall 2003 Summer 2004 Complete
Student Services Satisfaction Survey Student Services Spring 2004 Spring 2004 Pilot completed
Title V Evaluation: Student Satisfaction with Techology Title V Spring 2004 Summer 2004 Draft circulating
TRIO Grant Re-Application TRIO July 1, 2004 August 31, 2004 Re-authorized
Assessment Validation, GESL locally developed test for ESL ESL Spring 2003 Summer 2004 GESL received approval
Assessment Validation, Oral Interview performance assessment for ESL ESL Spring 2003 Summer 2004 Oral Interview received provisional approval, must collect more data Fall 2004

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