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Work Priorities and Policies

Data Distribution Mechanisms

  • Data summit with Gavilan College Board
  • Data summit with Dean’s council
  • Data summit with Dept chairs
  • Websites
  • Factbook
  • Student Profile reports
  • Student Success Scorecard
  • Responsive research

Work Priorities

Tier 1: Required projects on a timeline:
  • Student profile reports (biannual)
  • Performance indicator reports (annual)
  • Report to community reports (annual)
  • VATEA survey and reports (triannual)
  • IPEDS reports (triannual)
  • ARCC reports (biannual)
  • Institutional Effectiveness Review Unit data (annual)
  • Factbook (biennial)
  • Student Equity Plan
  • SSSP Plan
Tier 2: President assigned projects and those tied to external funding:
  • Basic Skills evaluation
  • IEC revisions and development
  • Strategic planning reports
  • Title V grants
  • Internal evaluation and research requests
Tier 3: Support for internal research projects:
  • Outcome writing assistance
  • Outcome assessment design assistance
  • Outcome assessment measurement design assistance
  • Outcome assessment measurement data collection
  • Outcome assessment reporting
  • Requests from outside College entities
  • Additional projects.


Tier 1 projects are considered the highest priorities since they are tied to accreditation and funding streams. These projects will be calendared and time and effort will be budgeted accordingly. 

Tier 2 projects are those that are assigned by the College President for planning or review purposes. Additionally, Tier 2 projects are those that are associated with needs assessment and evaluation requirements tied to external funding projects. These projects will be calendared and time and effort will be budgeted accordingly. 

Tier 3 projects are the lowest prior for the IR Office and will be completed if there is adequate time, considering the Tier 1 and 2 project schedule. Institutional Effectiveness Committee review-related projects generally will take priority over projects that not associated with this process. Within the projects associated with IEC review, priority will be given to outcome writing and assessment design, and measurement projects as these utilize the expertise of the IR Office and require less of a time commitment. Data collection and reporting for IEC related projects will be calendared if there is adequate time available. Tier 3 projects will be prioritized by their submission time, ease of completion, and completion deadline, along with the criteria detailed above.

Project Submission Process

The requesting entity will make the project request via email. The request should include as much detail as possible about the project and include a projected deadline. Once received, the project will go on the project list under the appropriate Tier. This list will be the used as the basis for IR Office's work plans and effort. This list will be posted on the IR website. 


If individuals or entities have a question or a problem with the priority given to their research project or the timeline, every attempt will be made to resolve the issue. If no resolution is achieved, the matter will be passed on to the President for resolution. 

Last modified: November 3, 2015
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