AGS Logo 2 Advisor
Jennifer Nari
Phone: 408-848-4897
AGS Logo 2 Fall Officers
President: Dina Sanchez
Vice President: Vincent Serracino
Secretary: Iris Cueto


Why Join?

Come join Rho Alpha Mu (RAM), the Gavilan Chapter of the Alpha Gamma Sigma honor society and make the most of your Gavilan College experience.

Members of Alpha Gamma Sigma are more than just good students with a GPA of 3.00 or higher! They are also committed to their community and their campus. If you are interested in belonging to an organization which acknowledges academic achievement, reaches out to its community, and participates in college life, please fill out an application.


One of the greatest rewards of AGS membership is fellowship with others whose interests are similar to yours, but whose experiences are each unique. We can learn from each other by sharing those experiences - and at the same time, relax and have fun together!

Below are some other rewards and privileges offered to AGS members:

  • All members are eligible for AGS and RAM scholarships
  • Membership is recorded on college transcripts for all members in good standing
  • Membership looks impressive on resumes, job applications and university admission applications
  • Many universities hold scholarships in reserve exclusively for AGS members
  • Opportunities are available to attend local and statewide AGS conferences and conventions
  • Membership provides the opportunity to discover and develop leadership abilities as an officer or a committee chairperson
  • Official AGS pins, shirts and other logo merchandise are available only to members
  • Graduating Permanent Members are recognized at graduation ceremonies, receive a gold cord and official embossed AGS gold seal on their diplomas
  • Non-graduating Permanent Members are recognized at Gavilan Honors Reception
  • All Permanent Members are enrolled as lifetime members of AGS
You have worked hard to keep your grades high and you deserve a pat on the back. Better yet, you deserve some fun and relaxation. College life should offer a student the opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas and hear new view points. Alpha Gamma Sigma can offer you all these.

Rho Alpha Mu Membership Requirements:

  1. Qualify for Initial, Temporary or Continuing Membership
  2. Membership dues of $15.00 per semester
  3. 10 Hours of community service per semester
  4. 8 Hours of club participation per semester
  5. 2 Hours of fundraising per semester

Tentative Fall 2014 Calendar of Events

Meeting Time: 12:50-1:50 pm

September 4: Biweekly Meeting
September 18: Biweekly Meeting
October 2: Biweekly Meeting
October 16: Biweekly Meeting
October 30: Biweekly Meeting
November 13: Biweekly Meeting
November 27: No Meeting, Thanksgiving Holiday
December 4: Biweekly Meeting