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May 07, 2004

Outstanding Scholars to be recognized at Gavilan College Honors Tea

WHO: The students whose Fall 2003 grades qualified them for the President's Honor Roll and Deans List.

WHAT: Will be honored by the Gavilan College Board of Trustees, President, and Vice Presidents at an Honors Tea.
The students and their families were invited to the event based upon their outstanding academic achievement. To qualify for the President's Honor roll, students must earn a 3.5 or higher grade point average during the semester, with at least 15 graded units. To qualify for the Dean's List, students must ear a 3.0 grade point average during the semester, with at least 12 graded units. Dr. John Baker, Vice President of Student Services, will deliver words of welcome and introduction, followed with brief presentations by Dr. Steve Kinsella, Gavilan College President, Laura Perry, President of the Gavilan College Board of Trustees, and instructor Hope Jukl, Faculty Advisor to the Rho Alpha Mu Honor Society. Students will receive certificates commemorating their achievement.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 11, 5:00 pm - 6 p.m. (immediately prior to the May meeting of the Board of Trustees)

WHERE: Gavilan College Student Center, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy

NAMES: The following students were admitted to the President's Honor Roll for 2004:

Vanessa Almanza, Karen Ashley, Jeffrey Auldridge, Charles Bailey, Amy Bannister, Leann Batinovich, Jeremy Bell, Leland Blankenship, David Blaul, Chelsey Borges, Anthony Bozzo III, Drew Brandon, David Bridwell, Bradley Bullington, James Cannan, James Cheatum, Jeanne Church, Jesus Contreras, Humberto Coronado, James Crivello, Michael Cupak, Ed Delfin,
Cynthia Dorgan, Christopher Dudzik, Brian Dutton, Christopher Ellis, Wendy Farrel, Fernando Flores Jr., Yessica Flores-Escobar, Michael Forensich, Jacob Fraser, Linda Freitas, Dana Gemignani, Irma Gonzalez, Stephen Gorshe, David Graham, Matthew Holt, Mohammed Huweih, Ron Inouye, Ali Khallil, Ariana King, Andrew Lee, Aaron Leon, Celco Lopez,
Daniel Menig, Brian Mikrut, Taewoo Min, Dominique Minassian, John Murphy, Michael Muscutt, Christopher Milsen,Zackery O'Connor, Rene Paquier, Lizette Perales, Jonathan Peterson, James Phelps, Diane Pierce, Cynthia Pinto, Roy Prado, Dennis Proctor, Teresa Provencio, Beatriz Ramos, Matthew Renegar, Yolanda Rocha, Katrina Rogers, Susan Ruiz, Angela Saguindel,
Mark Savarese, Kenneth Schwener, Jonathon Seaton, Donald Shepherd, Jeremy Singleton, Susan Stevenson, Edward Tobia, Jennifer Tremblay, Anna Venneman, Melissa Wagner, Brenda Wilkerson, Shannon Williamson, Danyelle Woodhams, Sonia Wykoff.


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