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April 29, 2004

Free Saturday Night Admission to "The Drunkard" When You Come in Costume

The Gavilan College Theatre Arts production of "The Drunkard! or Down With Demon Drink" is directed by Jim Cave.

The audience is encouraged to get into the act by dressing up as their favorite hero, heroine or villain. Anyone who shows up for either of the Saturday performances, May 8 or May 15, in costume will gain free admission to the performance.

As Julianne Crofts Palma of the Gavilan College Theater Arts program explained, "The Drunkard or Down with Demon Drink" has all the basic ingredients of a melodrama. There is the pure and innocent heroine who, in spite of trial and tribulation, is ever faithful and forgiving. There is the utterly ruthless and despicable villain who is inevitably defeated in the end. In Victorian morality, the wages of sin must be death. The manly hero , although allowed to stray from the path of virtue, reforms, and is re-united with his long-suffering wife. There is the comic man who is not quite as simple as he seems at first sight and who always turns up in the nick of time, no matter how unlikely the locality, to rescue the hero or heroine in distress. We have the sweet wide-eyed child, who seems preoccupied with thought of death and of Heaven and angels. There is the eccentric spinster for comic relief and the opportunity for poking gentle fun at the nobility or upper classes, and finally there is the 'heavy' who turns up late in the play to put things right and deliver a protracted homily.

"Above all else, virtue is triumphant. This was a strongly held Victorian belief from which no melodramatist dared to deviate even had he wished to do so. If a present day audience will accept this as truth for the duration of the performance they will be able to enter into it with the same artless and innocent pleasure as the audience of a hundred years ago most certainly did."


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