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January 07, 2004

Gavilan College expands University Center to Hollister with addition of classes from California State University at Monterey Bay

The first upper-division CSUMB Management Course at Hollister Briggs will be offered for Spring 2004

Gavilan College and the School of Business of California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) are collaborating on a University Center program to enable adult learners with a transfer Associate of Arts degree in business to earn their bachelors degree in Business Administration with a minimum of travel. Initially, CSUMB will offer BUS 305 (?Principles of Management?) at Gavilan?s Briggs Building site in Hollister this Spring. This is a required core course at CSUMB and virtually all other CSU?s. Additional CSUMB core courses, starting with BUS 306 (?Fundamentals of Marketing), will be offered starting next Fall.

All students enrolling in BUS 305 will meet at CSUMB on Tuesday, January 27 (students can come 10-12 or 4-6 p.m.) to discuss the course structure, meet their teammates and the instructor, and learn how to use CSUMB?s Web-based course software. Thereafter students will work individually via the Web, in small study groups, and in teams of 6-12.

The Hollister team will meet at the Briggs site five times during the semester: twice with the instructor, once with other CSUMB faculty (including the Chair of the School of Business) to learn more about the overall degree program and prepare Learning Plans to complete their degree, and once each for the midterm and (on May 18) final examination. All meetings will take place Tuesdays 4-6 p.m. in Room #1 at the Briggs center.

This program is open to students that have matriculated to CSUMB, meaning that you have to go through the normal CSUMB applications and acceptance process. Gavilan College and CSUMB counselors are prepared to help with this process. Students may also enroll through Open Enrollment.

The Gavilan College University Center began with one class offered by San Jose State University (SJSU) in Fall, 2003. For the Spring Semster, SJSU will be expanding their offerings to three upper division classes at Gavilan College in Gilroy: CHAD 102, Development of Self in a Culturally Diverse Society, EDUC 157, Community Action, and SOCS 177, Society and Education. Each class meets one afternoon per week.

The SJSU classes are open to students who are enrolled at SJSU. In addition, students who are enrolled in at least 6 units at Gavilan College may cross-enroll for one SJSU class by completing an application and paying a $10 cross enrollment fee.

For many students, distance is a barrier to higher education. Even students who are eligible for transfer to a university may not continue their studies because of the required travel. By enrolling in upper division classes through the Gavilan College University Center, students can earn credit towards their bachelors' degrees without leaving the area or commuting long distances to class.

For more information about the SJSU classes, contact Dr. Marlene Bumgarner at (408) 848-4805.
For more information about the CSUMB class, Sandy Hale, Chair of the School of Business at CSUMB, at .


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