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November 19, 2003

Gavilan College's innovative approach to problem-solving will be highlighted at statewide convention

Gavilan College has been invited to present two workshops highlighting Gavilan College's innovative approaches to problem solving at the upcoming convention of the Community College League of California. This annual convention provides an opportunity for community college executives and governing boards from the entire state to gather and share information on best practices and innovations. This year's convention will take place at the Oakland Marriot from November 20-22. In addition to presenting workshops, Gavilan College will be honored with a "Keeping the Beat" award for the work of the Expenditure Reduction Task Force in reducing the college budget by $1.2 million in 2003.

The two workshops presented will be A Model Expenditure Reduction Task Force, and Infusing Diversity into the College Culture. Both workshops will be presented on the morning of November 21.

A Model Expenditure Reduction Task Force will present the successful approach taken by Gavilan College to meet the challenges of the state budget crisis. A fast-track task force was formed, with representation from all college constituencies: students, staff, faculty, supervisors, and administrators. Working cooperatively in an open process they identified $1.2 million in permanent expenditure reductions. Whereas all 108 colleges in the state were faced with this budget challenge, Gavilan College was one of the few to reduce the budget without layoffs, conflict, or major disruption to classes and student services.

Infusing Diversity into the College Culture will highlight the work of the Stand Together Group, a non-traditional committee that works "outside the box" to include the values of diversity, tolerance, and mutual respect in all aspects of college culture. The Stand Together Group, which has participation from students, staff, faculty, and managers, takes a grassroots, inclusive approach to defining and promoting diversity, and works collaboratively with other groups on campus to plan events. The recommendations of The Stand Together Group have informed institutional decisions on curriculum, diversity, and hate crimes.

A common thread to be found in the two workshops presented by Gavilan College is an institutional approach to problem-solving that is creative, open, inclusive, and seeks input from all members of the campus community.

For more information about the Community College League of California and the upcoming convention, go to . For more information about the Gavilan College Expenditure Reduction Task Force or Stand Together Group call Jan Bernstein Chargin at (408) 848-4724.


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