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July 21, 2003

Gavilan College prepares students for fee increase

Although the legislature has not yet passed a budget for the state of California, the fiscal year has begun. At Gavilan College, students have been registering for fall semester classes, which start on August 19. Students have been paying the current fee: $11 per unit, when they register; however, likely budget scenarios all include an increase in community college fees.

When the budget is passed, any fee increase for community colleges will mean that Gavilan, and every other community college in the state, will be required to bill students for the difference between what they paid when they registered, and the new per unit fee. This money will not go to the colleges, but will be used to offset the $38 billion state deficit.

This week, Gavilan College is sending out postcards to students who have already registered for fall semester, notifying them that a fee increase is probable, and that they will be billed for the difference when the new budget is approved. Students who register for fall classes from this point forward will be notified at registration about the upcoming increase.

"We are taking this unusual step to let students know what is coming, and to give them enough time to budget appropriately," said Dr. Steve Kinsella, Gavilan College President. "Some students who did not qualify for financial aid in the past may qualify with the higher fees, so we are providing that information as well. We want to provide students with as much information as we can, as early as possible."

Proposed fee increases range from a few dollars per unit to more than double the current rate. Even at the highest proposed increase, however, California Community Colleges would remain the lowest-priced in the nation.

Students can obtain information about financial aid at (408) 848-4727.


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