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July 03, 2003

People with different abilities will find a place to develop skills for sports and fitness at Gavilan College

WHO: The Gavilan College Board of Trustees, and the students and staff of Gavilan College Adaptive Physical Education program

WHAT: Will kick off construction for the new Adaptive Physical Education building on the Gilroy campus. This "groundbreaking" ceremony will provide an opportunity for the public to learn about the new Adaptive Physical Education program, and to recognize the people who have shepherded the project from dream to reality, a process that took nearly 13 years. Speakers will include Gavilan College president Steve Kinsella, Board President Laura Perry, Dean of Disabled Students Programs and Services Fran Lopez, and Athletic Director Ron Hannon.

Adaptive Physical Education offers students with diverse limitations the opportunity to participate in physical activity courses developed to fit their individual needs and goals. Students have the opportunity to participate in physical activity using equipment specifically designed for their needs. The new building will have two sections: a gym with an adaptive basketball court and special flooring, and a "Human Performance Lab", an exercise room with adaptive equipment for workouts. "People who use wheelchairs will be able to get a good workout", said Fran Lopez.

Gavilan College has offered a program of Adaptive Physical Education since 1986. Currently, a small and inadequate room off the gymnasium is used for the program. When the new facility opens, that room will be incorporated into the Women's Locker Room, which is undergoing renovation at the same time.

WHEN: 5:30 p.m., Tuesday July 8 (prior to monthly Board meeting)

WHERE: Main campus road, adjacent to parking lot 'C' on the Gavilan College Gilroy campus, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd.

WHY: For the students who will use this building, and the staff who have been involved in its planning, there is much to celebrate. The Adaptive Physical Education Programs provides access to physical activity and physical fitness to people who are unable to use standard equipment, but still want to participate in sports and fitness. Many have special needs, and require an individualized program of conditioning to realize their physical potential.

This will be the last new building on Gavilan's main campus of the three that were most recently approved for state funding ( the other two being the Child Development Center and the Health Occupations Building, completed in 2001.) It has been in the works for thirteen years, and although other new facilities are needed, none are currently in the funding "pipeline."

The total project cost will be approximately $4.5 million, of which $4 million comes from a voter approved State bond for educational facilities (Prop1A) The district will incur roughly $500,000 in unreimbursed costs. The project includes the construction of the new building, and the renovation of the women's locker room.

The process of getting a building approved, state funded, and constructed can be a long one. Preliminary project plans for the Adaptive Physical Education building began in 1990 and a final project proposal was submitted to the State of California in February 1998. In July 1999 the state approved funding for preliminary plans. The project went out to bid for the first time in July, 2001. Although three contractors submitted bids, the low bid was $1 million dollars higher than the budget the state had approved. All bids were rejected. Then, in August 2001, the college completed a re-engineering of the project to bring it closer to budget. The project was sent out for bid a second time in April 2002. Six contractors submitted bids. Once again, the low bid was almost $1 million over the approved budget. Once again, all bids were rejected. In May 2002, the District returned the insufficient funds to the state and reapplied for funding based on the lowest bid received. The state approved the request and the project went out to bid a third time in January 2003. Five contractors submitted bids. Gavilan College accepted the bid from Rushford Construction of Santa Clara, CA. Work began on March 24, 2003. It is estimated that the new Adaptive Physical Education Building will be completed by April, 2004.

The Adaptive Physical Education building will be used by individuals with a multitude of adaptive needs including recuperation from permanent and temporary injuries. Participants also include seniors, people with back injuries, post-stroke recovery, arthritis and connective tissue limitations. It is expected to serve 150-200 individuals per semester.

To participate in Adaptive Physical Education classes, individuals must have a medically verified disability. The program is attractive to people who are going through physical therapy. It helps to build physical endurance, and enhance strength and flexibility. For more information about the Adaptive Physical Education program, call Gavilan College Disabled Students Programs and Services at (408) 848-4865.


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