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June 27, 2003

San Jose State University and Gavilan College partner to create "University Center" this Fall.

WHO: Gavilan College students, San Jose State students, and people working towards a bachelors degree or elementary school teaching credential

WHAT: Will be able to take an upper division general education course, CHAD106: Concepts of Childhood, on the Gavilan College campus this fall, thanks to a new partnership between Gavilan College and San Jose State University. This class will be the first in a series offered through the new University Center partnership, which will bring upper division classes to the community college campus.
Over a year of planning went into the formation of the University Center. A collaborative committee including officals from Gavilan College, San Jose State University, and local school districts worked together to make it happen. They had to learn about both college systems, and design a plan that would best serve students while meeting the requirements of both systems.
Several committee members visited Canada College, where a University Center already exists, to gain insight.
The first class to be offered, CHAD106, fulfills a general education requirement for any major at San Jose State University. Students who have already been admitted to the university can enroll as they would for any other SJSU course. Gavilan College students who are enrolled in at least six units may cross-enroll for only $10 in addition to fees and tuition. All students must pass the San Jose State writing skills test prior to registration.
CHAD106 will be taught by Dr. Marlene Bumgarner, who is a full-time faculty member at Gavilan College. Dr. Susan Meyers , Dean of the SJSU College of Education said that Dr. Bumgarner "is a scholar as well as a practitioner. She is well qualified to teach at the university level, and is already known to many of the students who may be taking this class."
Although San Jose State University has offered telecourses on the Gavilan College campus for years, this will be the first time a traditional class will be offered, and is the first University Center partnership for both Gavilan College and San Jose State University.

WHEN: Fall semester, 2003 begins on August 19.

WHERE: The class meets on the Gavilan College Gilroy campus.

WHY: "We are interested in bringing programs to Gilroy, to provide access and opportunities for the growing population in South County," said Susan Meyers. "Distance can be a barrier to education, with long commuting times preventing students from pursuing their goals."
Dr. Meyers articulated her dream: "We will bring the university to the community.....building with the community." She hopes that eventually people will be able to take a significant number of their upper division courses without having to travel, and that as the program develops more courses will be offered in more fields.
The University Center partnership meets the needs of students and the community by bringing upper division courses to their communities. By offering the classes on the community college campus, the university is able to develop programs without creating new infrastructure, and the community college is able to offer access to upper division classes. CHAD106 is scheduled as a late afternoon class, when lower division classes are generally not in high demand. Community elementary schools will benefit as students studying for their credentials are likely to work in classrooms in the school district.

DETAILS: This course meets the general education requirement for any field of study. Students must pass the San Jose State writing skills test prior to enrolling in this class, which will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.. For more infomation please call (408) 848-4805.


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