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February 01, 2007

Gavilan surpasses peers in key performance measures

GILROY,CA - On January 19, 2007, the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges released a draft report entitled "Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges." This report to the California legislature details the performance of California Community Colleges on key indicators of student success. In all six categories for which individual colleges were compared, Gavilan's performance surpassed that of similar colleges.

"We've been working hard to help students succeed. This shows that things have been moving in the right direction. At Gavilan we are showing results that exceed those of our peer groups. We need to continue to enhance student support systems and follow the plans that we have set for ourselves." said Gavilan College President, Steve Kinsella.

The six performance indicators compared in the report are "Student Progress and Achievement", "Percent of Students Who Earned at Least 30 Units", "Persistence Rate", "Annual Successful Course Completion Rate for Credit Vocational Courses", "Annual successful Source Completion Rate for Basic Skills Courses", and "Improvement Rate for Credit Basic Skills.

Gavilan College was compared with "peer" institutions on each of the measures. For this study, peer groups were defined separately for each measure, based upon statistically identified environmental predictors. (For example, in studying the data researchers found that per capita income of the college district's residents, distance from the nearest CSU college, and Math SAT scores at the nearest 4-year college all correlated with the course completion rate for Basic Skills classes, so colleges were grouped based upon these environmental factors.) Because each measure was found to correlate to different environmnetal factors, Gavilan is compared against a slightly different group of peers for each one.

On the measure of Student Progress and Achievement, Gavilan showed a rate of 47.8, compared to peer colleges at 45.9. This measures the percentage of first-time students who showed "intent to complete" (that is, at the time they enrolled they indicated a desire to complete a program of study, rather than simply taking one or two courses) and who achieved any of the following outcomes within six years: Transferred to a four-year college; or earned an AA/AS; or earned a Certificate (18 units or more); or achieved transfer readiness.

In the Percent of Students Who Earned at Least 30 units, Gavilan College came in at 70.7, compared to the peer group rate of 69.3. This indicates the percentage of first-time students who showed intent to complete and who earned at least 30 units while in the California Community College System.

On the Persistence Rate measure, Gavilan scored 71.6, compared to peers at 69.3. The persistence rate is the percentage of first-time students with a minimum of six units earned in a Fall term who returned and enrolled in the subsequent Fall term.

The Annual Successful Course Completion Rate for Credit Vocational Courses at Gavilan College measured 85.6, far above the peer group rate of 73.82

The Annual Successful Course Completion Rate for Basic Skills Courses at Gavilan College is 65.1, surpassing the peer rate of 62.23.

Finally, the Improvement Rate for Credit Basic Skills Classes at Gavilan is 55.8, compared to 50.9 at peer institutions. This measure seeks to determine whether students who complete basic skills classes move on to higher level classes. It measures the percentage of students who successfully completed an initial basic skills course and then completed a higher-level course in the same discipline within three academic years of completing the first basic skills course.

The full text of the final draft of the Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC) report is available at:


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