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July 19, 2006

Make August Count! Three classes to be offered in special online session

WHO: Students of programming and the internet who want to Make August
Count by gaining skills and earning transferable credits online

WHAT: Three classes will be offered, online only for this session: Web
Page Authoring, BASIC Programming, and C++ Programming.

Web Page Authoring I: Register for CSIS 6, section 0797, DM 6, section
0799 or LIB 6 section 0798.
An introduction to using HTML and XHTML to create web pages.
Course Dates: 8/7 - 9/1

BASIC programming: Register for CSIS 10, Section 0795
Programming using BASIC. No previous programming experience required.
Course Dates: 8/7 - 9/8

C++ Programming: Register for CSIS 45, section 0796
Programming using C++. BASIC programming skills advised. Introduces
procedural and object-oriented design methodology.
Course dates: 8/7 - 9/22

HOW: Register by phone at (408) 846-3729, or in person at Gilroy,
Morgan Hill and Hollister sites. New students must submit an
application before registering. Applications available online at Fees are only $26 per unit.


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