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June 07, 2006

Students can now earn a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University at Gavilan College

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A cooperative program between Indiana University and Gavilan College
will enable local students to earn a Bachelors Degree from Indiana
University without leaving home.

Under the 90/30 Program, students will earn up to 90 transferable
credit hours at Gavilan College. Once admitted to Indiana University,
the students will complete 30 hours of upper-division credit by taking
distance education courses through the School of Continuing Studies
(SCS) Independent Study Program. By taking these courses, students can
fulfill the requirements for the Indiana University Bachelor of
General Studies degree.

Generally, students from two-year colleges who want to earn a
bachelor's degree must travel to a four-year school after completing
the 60 credit hours required for an associates degree. With the 90/30
Program, students can take an additional 30 transferable hours at
their two-year institution (the equivalent of a third year) before
completing their Bachelor of General Studies through distance
education at Indiana University. Students will pay Gavilan College
fees for their first 90 units, and Indiana in-state fees for their
final 30 units.

"We are delighted to join Gavilan College in this program, which
allows students to earn a valued Indiana University degree without
having to relocate to an Indiana University campus," said SCS Interim
Dean Dr. Judy Wertheim.

"This partnership makes it possible for students to earn a Bachelors
Degree without commuting or moving to another area. It will make the
life-long benefits of a bachelors degree available to a lot more
students," said John Pruitt, Interim Vice President of Student

Indiana University is a fully accredited "Big Ten" university which
was named as "College of the Year" by Time magazine in 2001, and
"Hottest Big State School" by Newsweek in 2005. Gavilan College is one
of only seven California community colleges, and the only one in the
Bay Area, to offer the Indiana University program.

To find out more, students can speak with a Gavilan College counselor
at (408) 848-4723, or contact Indiana University at 1-800-334-1011 or
online at


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