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April 14, 2006

Longer breaks and shorter semesters -- starting this fall at Gavilan College

Fall Semester classes start September 5th GAVILAN COLLEGE - Who doesn't like a long summer vacation? Gavilan College
students are about to get two extra weeks of summer, a longer winter break,
and shorter semesters. Starting with fall semester, 2006, Gavilan College
will be cutting the length of it's semesters by two weeks. The extra fours
weeks of break time can be used to work, take short-term classes, or just
plain relax.

"The new schedule will give students more control and more flexibility.
More and more schools are converting to this model. " said John Pruitt,
Acting Vice President of Student Services. "Both public and private schools
have seen students gravitating towards shorter-term options."

The change from an 18-week to a 16-week academic calendar will bring Gavilan
College's schedule in line with that of most other Silicon Valley Community
Colleges, which are on the 16-week calendar or a quarter system. Fall
classes will start on September 5 at Gavilan College, San Jose City College
and Evergreen College. West Valley College and Cabrillo College will start
one week earlier. Hartnell College starts on August 21. Under the new
schedule, class meeting times will be slightly longer, and cover more
material to make up for the smaller number of class sessions.

An added benefit of the extended breaks is that Gavilan College will be
able to expand class offerings during the Summer and Winter Intersessions.
"There aren't many classes that work well in a three-week session" said Fran
Lozano, Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences. "With a longer Winter
Intersession we'll be able to offer a much greater variety of short-term
classes that help students get ahead or just concentrate on one subject at
a time."

The class schedule for Summer and Fall will be in the mail to district
residents at the end of April, and online at For
information about registration and assessment call (408) 848-4800.


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