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December 01, 2005

Looping artist Rick Walker to perform at Gavilan College

WHO: Rick Walker (aka Loop.pooL). Rick is a nationally respected drummer, percussionist, multi instrumentalist, vocalist and looping artist from Santa Cruz. A founding and guiding member of both the world beat movement and the international live looping movement, Rick has toured as a solo headlining artist in 12 countries in the past 2 years including the Y2K5 International Live Looping festival, the largest event of it's kind at which Rick both produces and performs.

WHAT: Gavilan College Digital Media presnets the "Noh Loops" Performance, featuring Rick Walker. Also featured will bea demonstration of live video looping; video/film and Garage Band music by Gavilan Students. This is a free event for all.

Walker's website ( describes his show (and looping) as:

"a fascinating and creative one-man journey through the world of sound and rhythm. Using digital live looping technology, Rick is able to play a completely different set of instruments on every single song in this early-twenty-first-century version of a 'one person band'. He uses loopers to create repeating, real-time recordings of the instruments that he plays so that he can quickly change instruments and add other interesting layers to his real-time composition.....

He uses a huge palette of sound, drawing from 'found sound' instruments, invented instruments, world percussion instruments, wind instruments, keyboard instruments, string instruments and a fascinating repertoire of unusual and exotic vocal techniques (overtone singing, warble singing, trill singing, gutteral singing, hum-whistling, mouth percussion and effects, yodelling and pygmy bottle blowing/falsetto singing). He also incorporates state-of -the-art digital processing and production techniques, using analog filters, vocoders, digital delays and modulators to add a more timeless patina to his performances....

Loop.pooL performances also have a high degree of audience participation woven into them. Rick asks his whole audience to participate in his looping madness by passing out unusual instruments and found sounds for them to play. He also teaches people how to overtone sing and gets them to add non-lyrical vocal techniques to his loops. These performances appeal to everyone from 5-year olds to septuaginarians because of their participatory nature."

WHEN: 12:00 Noon (12:00 - 1:30 p.m.) , December 7, 2005

WHERE: The Gavilan College Digital Media Studio (LI 128).

WHY: Digital Media encompasses art, music, performance, video and technology. Gavilan College offers both degrees and certificates in Digital Media fields. Digital Media students have access to state of the art equipment, and opportunities to meet and work with industry professionsals. For schedule of Winter and Spring classes, go to


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