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January 09, 2003

Gavilan College begins fast-track process to reduce budget

At it's first meeting of the new year, the Gavilan College President's Council (an advisory board to the college president) appointed a fast-track task force to study the college budget and make recommendations for reductions totaling 1.2 million dollars out of the college's unrestricted general fund. Their action was precipitated by the budget crisis facing the State of California, which has led to midyear reductions in the budgets of the California Community Colleges.

The reduction of $1.2 million out of an unrestricted general fund budget of $18.1 million will cover the expected $800,000 reduction from the state, and restore $400,000 of planned deficit spending to the fund balance.

The Expenditure Reduction Plan Task Force will have the same composition as the President's Council: two students, two faculty members, two members of the professional support staff, two managers, and two administrators. They are charged with recommending a plan that will be implemented by March or April of this year. Although classes don't start until January, the task force will begin it's work immediately.

"We're not going out of business," said Steve Kinsella, president of Gavilan College, "but we do have to scale back, to provide a level of service that we can afford."

The college president discussed guidelines and priorities for the task force. Chief among these was that the plan for reductions will not be designed by the president or administrators, but by the college as a whole. He stressed that no one area of the college will be singled out, but that everyone will be affected. The plan should provide for an on-going balanced budget.

"We have to pull back to our core mission, look at the strategic plan, and provide the highest level of quality we can produce for our students," he said "while working within our revenues."

Kinsella reminded the President's Council that the budget crisis, although deeper than had been anticipated, is temporary. He therefore urged the task force to think long-term when recommending permanent reductions, and to be careful not to eliminate capabilities and capacity to expand that will be needed when the economy turns around.

In addition to the task force, the President's Council recommended holding college forums during the first two weeks of classes so that all staff could be informed of the process.

Community members who would like to provide input should contact the Director of Public Information, Jan Bernstein Chargin at (408) 848-4724, or

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