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June 08, 2005

Rams Hole-in-One Shootout raises $5,000 for Gavilan College Athletics

The 2005 Rams' $1 Million Hole-In-One Shootout was decided this past Saturday evening, June 4, 2005 at Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Gilroy. Fifteen participants from all over the Bay Area took their one shot at winning the $1,000,000 grand prize. Although no one was fortunate enough to sink the money shot, a great time was had by all participants.

Teresa Santos of Gilroy, the tournament's lone female finalist, found herself atop of the winner's board with a beautiful shot that almost hit the flag pole on green #2 at Eagle Ridge. Playing at a distance of 150 yards from the cup, Santos landed her drive almost on top of the flag as it rolled to a stop 37'8" away from the hole.

Joe Love of Hollister, couldn't top Santos' winning distance. His best settled to rest at 82'4". Chang So of Hollister closed out the top three with a distance of 91'6".

Ron Hannon, Gavilan's Athletics Director, appreciated the participation by all involved. "This year we had over 600 people participate. It's been an event that brings a lot of excitement and 'what ifs'" stated Hannon. The "what ifs" pertaining to what if I won one million dollars.

"We appreciate everyone's support. The community recognizes this as a great event that benefits a worthy cause. We expect the total for this event to be at least $5,000. The funds raised will help with improvements to the athletics department," Hannon added, noting that pledged funds were still being collected from event sponsors.


2005 Finalists as shown in group photo (left to right): Front row: Chris Boulerice, Joe Love, Teresa Santos, Christopher Taylor; Second Row: Bob Hewitt, Bob Gingery, Chang So, Alfonso Gabaldon, Todd Ramsdell, Tony Su; Back Row: Athletics Director Ron Hannon, Event Coordinator Ken Berry, Brent Sabbatini, George Eckberg, HP Welton, Joe Jessel, President Steven Kinsella. Not Pictured: John Bolla.

2005 Final Shootout Champion Photo: (from left to right) Athletics Director Ron Hannon, 2005 Champion Teresa Santos, President Steven Kinsella


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