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April 15, 2005

Transfer Institute will provide fast track to university transfer

WHO: Students who will be starting college this fall, who wish to earn a four-year degree, and who are academically prepared to do college level work. (i.e., placement in college level English & math as determined by Gavilan College Assessment Test)

WHAT: are eligible to apply for admission to the Gavilan College Transfer Institute. The Transfer Institute (TI) is a new two-year Gavilan College program that will guide students through the transfer process in the most efficient and effective way possible. Through the Transfer Institute students will save time and money by completing their freshman and sophmore years of college at Gavilan. They will also meet and get to know other students who share the same goals and ambitions.

"This is an exciting package of services for those students who are committed, academically prepared, and who plan to transfer to a four-year university," said Rosa Sharboneau, Interim Dean of Student Services for Gavilan College. "Transfer Institue will help them to succeed, and to make the best use of their time if they want to complete their lower-division work in two years."

Transfer Institute students will be able to register for classes early this Spring, before heading off for summer jobs and activities. They will receive a dedicated counselor to guide and monitor them through the transfer process, and be able to participate in events and activities with four-year universities. They will also receive assistance with the identification of, and preparation for a college major, and a two-year agreement guaranteeing their transfer goals. Each student's personal TI agreement will identify academic services, support services and activities essential to that student's transfer planning and success. Services include semester-by-semester feedback on progress towards transfer goals, and assistance with completing transfer applications.

Each TI student will also work with a counselor to develop an individual Educational Plan that charts courses needed for completion of general education and major preparation. Student who have already completed college courses elsewhere will be able to have these evaluated and documented to see if they satisfy university requirements. Student success in the Transfer Institute will be dependent upon attendance in, and successful completion of enrolled classes as outlined in their Educational Plan, and participation in Transfer Institute support services as described in their TI agreement.

Students who are eligible for financial assistance can also receive assistance with finding sources of financial aid and educational financial planning.

WHEN: Applications are due May 2

* Complete a Transfer Institute application
* Take a Gavilan College assessment test
* Complete a Gavilan college admissions application
* Space is limited - apply early!
For application and more information go to, or call (408) 848-4723. There will also be information and a Transfer Institute application in the printed schedule of classes, which will be mailed out within the district after April 21.

WHY: Although all Gavilan College students may take advantage of Transfer Center Services, the Transfer Institute was formed to help those students who are academically prepared and sure of their goals to make the most efficient use of their time and enjoy the support of other students who share those goals.

University costs have increased significantly and many families are finding that it makes economic sense for university-bound students to complete the first two years of college close to home. In addition, studies have shown that students who transfer to four-year schools from community college do better in their last two years of college than those who started at the four-year school.

In addition, cutbacks to the state university budgets in recent years have caused them to tighten transfer requirements, making it more important that students who plan to transfer pay strict attention to units completed, general education requirements, and course transferability. Working within the framework of the Transfer Institute can help students avoid confusion and duplication of courses.

The Transfer Institute will be coordinated through the Gavilan College counseling department and Career-Transfer Center.


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