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April 08, 2005

Gavilan College Theatre Arts Program Presents: The Rocky Horror Show

Directed by: David Chavez Written by Richard O'Brien

WHO: The actors have been assembled from Gilroy, Hollister and Morgan Hill. Come out and support your local talent and their work in the arts!

WHAT: The Rocky Horror Show is an outrageous assemblage of the most stereo-typed science fiction movies, Marvel comics, Frankie Avalon/Anette Funicello outings and rock n' roll of every vintage. Running through the story is the sexual confusion of two middle American kids confronted by the complications of the decadent morality of the 70's, represented in the person of the mad ‘doctor Frank N Furter, a transvestite from the galaxy of Transylvania. The Rocky Horror Show is appropriate for adult audiences and parental discretion is strongly advised.

Theater instructor Julianne Palma said: "The only thing you really need to bring to the show is your sense of humor, money for price of admission and arrive early enough to purchase an audience participation bag of goodies! Coming with a large group of your friends is certainly a terrific idea! You can dress in whatever makes YOU feel comfortable."

WHEN: April 22, 23, 29 & 30 @ 8 p.m.
April 23 and 30th are audience participation nights!
April 23rd will be a sign language interpreted performance.

WHERE: Gavilan College Theatre, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd., Gilroy

HOW: For tickets call: 408-846-4973 or
Adults: $12.00
Seniors/Students: $10.00
Children under 12: $8.00
Box office opens @ 7 p.m.

WHY: According to the website, "A Rocky Horror "virgin" is someone who has never experienced Rocky Horror in a theater with an audience and a cast. Seeing it on video, doesn't count! Neither does seeing it on T.V.!"

"Rocky Horror is the first and only true audience participation production. People yell back lines at the cast during the extended pauses between dialogue, dress up in costume and act out the script, and throw props at various times during the film. The audience participation phenomenon was observed as early as the film's first run in 1975 (when it bombed during limited engagements in 7 of 8 cities), and was later re-released as a midnight movie where the audience participation really began to flourish. And by the way, for the "gore sensitive", Rocky Horror is NOT a horror film. It is a rock-musical sendup of old science-fiction and horror films."

Are you a Rocky afficionado? (quiz adapted from the website
•Have you ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
•Have you been to Rocky Horror at a theatre more than 10 times?
•Do you consider yourself a Rocky junkie?
•Have you gone to a convenience store while wearing your Rocky makeup and costume?
•Have you been pulled over by a police officer while wearing your rocky makeup and costume?
•Do you have the full costume for more than one Rocky character?
•More than three?
•Do you like singing?
•What is your favorite Rocky Horror song?
•What is your favorite Rocky Horror character?


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