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March 15, 2005

Thirteen faculty members receive tenure

At their regularly scheduled meeting on March 8, the Gavilan College Board of Trustees approved tenure for thirteen members of the Gavilan College faculty. The faculty members are: Robert Beede (Digital Media), Kathleen Campbell (English as a Second Language), Elena Dachkova (Math), Marla Dresch (Math), Victor Robinson (Computer Science and Information Systems), Steve Smith (Administration of Justice), Denise Besson Silvia (Communication), Xochi Candelaria (English), Mary Ann Sanidad (English as a Second Language), Cheryl Brown (Disabled Students Programs and Services), Erin Crook (English), John Lango (Athletics), Kimberly Smith (Journalism).

In an email message which was distributed to the entire campus, Sherrean Carr, Vice President of Student Services and Instruction said "Congratulations to each of you. You have successfully completed four years of evaluation and have also received the recommendation of your tenure committees. You are an asset to the institution and it is an honor to work with you."

Tenure is the granting of continuous employment status to a faculty member. Employment will then be ongoing until terminated through retirement, resignation, or dismissal (persuant to the provisions of the faculty contract.)

It takes four years of employment, annual evaluations, and successful completion of the Tenure Review process for a faculty member to be recommended for tenure. Tenure Review is a confidential process carried out by a Tenure Review Committee, which considers all pertinent information: student evaluations, self-evaluations, administrative evaluations, committee observations, and student surveys, to make a recommendation to the college president either to continue or not to continue employment. Each Tenure Review committee consists of the faculty member's Dean, the supervising administrator, two faculty members, and the appropriate Department Chair. The Tenure Review committee is formed during the first year of employment. It then meets, reviews annual evaluations, and makes a recommendation to the president as to whether employment should be continued after the first year, after the second year, and after the fourth year. If tenure is not granted after the fourth year, then the faculty member's contract is not renewed.

With the addition of these new faculty members, Gavilan College will have 69 full-time tenured faculty.


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