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March 09, 2005

Gavilan College to field intercollegiate Women's Volleyball Team in Fall 2005

GILROY, CA - At their monthly meeting on March 8, The Gavilan College Board of Trustees unanimously approved the addition of Women's Volleyball as an intercollegiate athletics program to begin in the fall of 2005. This action was recommended to the board by Gavilan College president Steven Kinsella and Athletic Director Ron Hannon.

"Our research has shown strong interest in Women's Volleyball in this community" said Athletic Director Ron Hannon, "By adding this program we increase opportunities for female athletes, and achieve the goal of having equal numbers of men's and women's teams. We are really excited about the prospect of getting this program up and running."

Ongoing conversations among Gavilan College officials and the athletic directors and volleyball coaches at the local high schools have indicated that a women's volleyball program would be well-received in the community. The Gavilan College Athletic department has also conducted a Student Interest Survey this spring among students at the local high schools, which indicated student interest in women's volleyball.

The addition of Women's Volleyball may boost enrollment at Gavilan College by encouraging enrollment from local athletes who would otherwise have to leave the area to play. It will also provide a new local sport for the community to support, and help Gavilan College to comply with Federal Title IX requirements. With the addition of volleyball, Gavilan College will have equal numbers of team activites available for women and men. It will also demonstrate the ongoing efforts Gavilan College has made in recent years to increase and improve women's athletics programs.

The initial funding needed to start a volleyball program is estimated at $25,000. The Gavilan College Educational foundation has already raised $16,000 through grants and corporate sponsorships for this purpose, and will continue fundraising efforts to raise the $9,000 balance. If necessary, the remaining $9,00 can also be reallocated from existing funds.To find out more about Women's Volleyball at Gavilan College, please call Ron Hannon at (408) 848-4895.


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