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February 05, 2003

Poets will speak out against the war during event at Gavilan College

WHO: Poets

WHAT: Will hold "A Day of Poetry Against the War" an open-microphone opportunity for reading and listening to poetry about the war. All points of view are welcome. The public is invited to attend and participate.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 12, noon - 1 p.m.

WHERE: The Gazebo, Gavilan College Gilroy campus, 5055 Santa Teresa Blvd.

WHY: Poets and the community are invited to "Join in a national grassroots movement to read poetry expressing our desire for peace."

The national event has been spearheaded by Poet Sam Hill, who said: ?I . . . read a lengthy report on George Bush's proposed ?Shock and Awe? attack on Iraq, calling for saturation bombing that would be like the firebombing of Dresden or Tokyo, killing countless innocent civilians. Nor has he excluded use of nuclear weapons. I believe the only legitimate response to such a morally bankrupt and unconscionable idea is to reconstitute a Poets Against the War movement like the one organized to speak out against the war in Vietnam. I am asking every poet to speak up for the conscience of our country and lend his or her name to our petition against this war, and to make February 12 a day of Poetry Against the War. Please join me in making February 12 a day when the White House can truly hear the voices of American poets.?

For information about Poets Against The War, see:

This event is sponsored by the Gavilan College English Department, Stand Together Group, and TRIO. For more information, contact Karen Warren at (408)848-4850 or

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