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Gavilan Joint Community College District

Governing Board Agenda

July 12, 2005

Consent Agenda Item No.                                                                Administrative Services

Information/Staff Reports No.

Discussion Item No.

Old Business Agenda Item No.                                                      

New Business Agenda Item No.                                                                

SUBJECT: Measure E Bond Project Draft Request for Proposals (RFP) for Computer Equipment

Information Only


That the Board of Trustees review a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for the purchase of computers.


Measure E contained $3.5 million dollars to upgrade classrooms and labs including “instructional technological infrastructure”. One portion of implementing this Measure E project is to purchase approximately $1 million dollars of new computers. A three (3) year purchase and implementation plan has been approved by the District’s Technology committee.

Attached is a draft RFP for the first allocation for a purchase of approximately 300 new computers. This draft is in the process of being reviewed by the District’s legal counsel. Once this review is completed, the RFP will be advertised and sent to a number of companies that sell new computers. It is anticipated that the Board will be asked to take action on approving a contract at the August or September Board of Trustees meeting.

Budgetary Implications:

Funds are included in the Measure E funding.

Follow Up/Outcome:

Issue the RFP.

Recommended By: Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services

Prepared By: ___________________________________________

                                 Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services

Agenda Approval: _________________________________________

                                 Dr. Steven M. Kinsella, Superintendent/President

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