Gavilan Joint Community College District
Governing Board Agenda

August 9, 2005
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Administrative Services
SUBJECT: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assessment Survey
  Resolution: BE IT RESOLVED,
 X  Information Only
  Action Item

That the Board of Trustees review the District’s ADA assessment survey process.


Measure E contains $2.5 million dollars to improve campus safety and accessibility. This includes expanding doorways, adding ramps, and other essential upgrades to make all classrooms accessible to all students and to create accessible pathways from campus parking lots to all classrooms.

The component of the Measure E Master Plan that address safety and accessibility includes the completion an ADA Transition Plan. The plan requires a self-evaluation survey that solicits comments and opinions regarding how the District can better serve individuals with disabilities. The solicitation period is from August 1, 2005 to October 31, 2005.

The "Gavilan College Public Notice and Posting" has been posted in all District classrooms and major bulletin boards, on the District's web site, and will be provided to every Gavilan employee on Staff Development Day with the request that it also be shared with students. In addition, a separate cover letter and survey is being sent to agencies and organizations that provide services to individuals with disabilities.

Attached for the Boards review is the following:

  1. "Gavilan College Public Notice and Posting"
  2. "Survey for Program and Facility Users Gavilan College"
  3. Organization/Agency letter
  4. "Survey for Organizations Representing Individuals with Disabilities"
  5. "Survey for Program and Site Administrators"
Budgetary Implications:

Funds are included in the Measure E funding.

Follow Up/Outcome:

Complete the ADA assessment survey process.

Recommended By: Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
Prepared By:  
  Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
Agenda Approval:  
  Dr. Steven M. Kinsella, Superintendent/President