Gavilan Joint Community College District
Governing Board Agenda

August 9, 2005
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Administrative Services
SUBJECT:  Facilities Master Plan 2005
  Resolution:  BE IT RESOLVED,
 X  Information Only
  Action Item

That the Board of Trustees review a draft "Facilities Master Plan 2005 for Bond Program Planning and Expenditures".


At the May 10, 2005 Board of Trustees meeting, Mr. Casey Michaelis, PE (Kitchell) and Mr. David Cartnal, FAIA (BFGC Architects) reviewed in summary, a document titiled "Draft Guidelines and Planning for Bond Expenditures". In addition, the Board was provided with a draft flow chart titled "Planning Process for Bond Expenditures for Technology and Campus Renovation Projects".

The Board, the District's Health, Safety, Facilities and Grounds Committee, and the District's Technology Committee have asked Kitchell and BFGC to provide a plan that can be reviewed, critiqued, and than revised before final Board approval. The attached document titled "Faculties Master Plan 2005 for Bond Program Planning and Expenditures" has been reviewed by the Board Facilities Sub Committee and will be reviewed in summary by Mr. Michaelis and Mr. Cartnal at the Board meeting.

The District plans to make available all information concerning the bond renovation project in a continued effort to communicate the progress of the project and to solicit input from the various District stakeholders. This process of communication will also be reviewed as part of the presentation.

Budgetary Implications:

The efficient use of Measure E Bond Funds.

Follow Up/Outcome:

Continue the planning, communication, and solicitation process.

Recommended By: Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
Prepared By:  
  Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
Agenda Approval:  
  Dr. Steven M. Kinsella, Superintendent/President