Gavilan Joint Community College District
Governing Board Agenda

August 9, 2005
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Administrative Services
SUBJECT:  Bid for Computer Purchase (Fall 2005) Vendor Selection
  Resolution:  BE IT RESOLVED,
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That the Board of Trustees approve the bid from Dell Marketing L.P. for the Measure E Bond Computer Purchase (Fall 2005).


Measure E contained $3.5 million dollars to upgrade classrooms and labs including "instructional technological infrastructure". One portion of implementing this Measure E project is to purchase approximately $1 million dollars of new computers. A three (3) year purchase and implementation plan has been approved by the District's Technology Committee.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was advertised and sent to thirteen (13) companies. Attached is a "Bid Tabulation Form" that summaries the responses to the RFP. In the acquisition of electronic data-processing equipment, California Education Code 81645 authorizes the Board to "...contract with a party who has submitted one of three lowest responsible competitive proposals..." . Although the lowest bid is from JPK Micro Supply, Inc. at $223,750, the Administration is recommending the Board approve the bid from the second lowest firm, Dell Marketing L.P. at $259,819. The reasons are as follows:

  • JPK Micro Supply, Inc. is a relatively small company with gross sales of $6.3 million and net operating income of $12,504.03.
  • JPK didn't have any references in California, and none of the references they provided were educational customers.
  • The District is uneasy with getting support from an unknown company, and not sure if they will be around to honor the five-year warranty.
  • Dell has excellent support and should be around for the long term to maintain the warranty.
  • Dell machines are of a known quality that this District has seen and worked with.
  • Drivers and updates for Dell machines are easily available from a custom website.
  • Dell will certify District technicians through a program to provide enhanced support.
Budgetary Implications:

Funds are included in the Measure E funding.

Follow Up/Outcome:

Sign contract with Dell Marketing L.P.

Recommended By: Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
Prepared By:  
  Joseph D. Keeler, Vice President of Administrative Services
Agenda Approval:  
  Dr. Steven M. Kinsella, Superintendent/President