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TELEVISION-GavTV- Cable Channel 18


Description of our Program


The Gavilan Television Program opens the doors for students to become producers, actors, writers, editors and directors for television/video/film production.

Students in the Gavilan Television program participate in learning experiences that teach skills in pre-production, production and post-production including: writing, acting, camera operation, editing, audio, directing in studio and field production scenarios for television production.

The projects created and produced by students are prepared for broadcast on GavTV-Cable Channel 18, the Gavilan Educational Channel,, You-tube and streaming on the Web.  GavTV programming includes: music, theater, dance, arts, sports, news and special events.  Original programs aired on the GavTV 18 are: News & Views Live!, Art is Essential, The Gavilan Hour, Gavilan Rams Football and Let's Ask Alice.

Academic pathways for an AA degree include graduating with a Theatre Arts degree with an emphasis in Television or selecting a Media Arts Degree with an emphasis in Video Arts/Technical production.  A Certificate of Achievement is an option for students in Broadcast Television after completing 17 units.  Television courses are:

              THEA 16:          Television History & Practice-3 units*

              THEA 17a/b:      Television & Video Workshop- 3 units*

              THEA 18:          Special Topics: GavTV Production & Post-production- 1-2 units

              THEA 19:          Television & Film Acting- 3 units*

              THEA 06:          Introduction to Audio (including Radio and podcasting)-3 units*

              THEA 20:          Introduction to Scriptwriting-3 units*             

*applies to Certificate of Achievement

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