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    WORKING DRAFT : Estimated costs will continue to be refined by Facilities experts.  

 FACILITY/BOND ISSUES     To improve safety, provide greater access and meet increasing enrollment demands from local students who reside in our District  (from Bernal Road in San Jose through South Santa Clara County and San Benito County).
* Maximize Use of Existing Facilities                                                            $68,404,000
* Ensure Educational Opportunities for Future Generations                $39,596,000
                                                                               TOTAL                                            $108,000,000
    Maximizing Use of Existing Facilities                    
        I.  Improve Safety and Accessibility            
        II.  Modernize and Renovate Facilities and Infrastructure     

I. Improve Safety and Accessibility  

 Meet state standards for disabled access to campus buildings and classrooms
  30-year old campus does not meet current legal standards for disabled access     

Expand doorways, add ramps, and other essential upgrades to make all classrooms accessible to all students. 

Create accessible pathways from parking lots to all classrooms
Ensure student and staff safety through essential upgrades and improvements      
Roadways were designed for a smaller student body and less traffic.
Pathways were designed for less foot traffic. In event of natural or manmade disaster it would be impossible to evacuate quickly using current configuration. Evening lighting is inadequate to maximum use of facilities.

Improve safety on campus roadways and create an emergency evacuation route   

Enhance fire safety 
$ 500,000

Improve the lighting and  security  of the Gilroy campus to increase access during the evenings
Install and repair fire safety equipment including alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers and fire safety doors

Increase the number of parking spaces to meet urgent student demands and get cars off of neighborhood streets.
Parking is already at capacity on the main campus. It will be impossible to accommodate additional students without heavy negative impacts on surrounding neighborhood unless additional campus parking is created
II. Upgrade and repair buildings, classrooms and labs                    
Remodel 30-year old job-training classrooms to provide the lighting, technology and configuration best suited to a modern learning environment. Convert unfilled lecture halls to classrooms that support 30-40 students.           30-year old instructional facilities are leaving our students behind. Original lecture-hall configuration is inefficient for today's participatory classes. Current facilities are insufficient to prepare graduates for the workplace of the 21st century. Without air conditioning and proper ventilation, facilities are unsafe to use during the afternoons and evenings of hottest months. Computers require air conditioning to function properly.

Improve insulation and replace antiquated ventilation, heating, lighting and air conditioning systems to increase energy efficiency and save money on utility bills                 

 Art Lecture

Business Building

$  125,000




TV Studio

Life Science

Occupational Ed

Physical Science

Physical Education

Social Science

Swimming pools

Instructional technological infrastructure

Repair and Upgrade buildings, the library and technology systems to provide centralized, up-to-date student support services                
Facilities do not meet current needs and expectations. Without improvement, Gavilan College will be unable to offer students services comparable to those found at other colleges.

Expand and improve the outdated library to enhance access for community members, students, and staff for physical and electronic library resources and Community Media Access Partnership.

Improve Student Services Center to increase efficiency and access to  Student Services, Academic Support , and study centers

Replace obsolete computer system with an integrated student registration, class scheduling and accounting system      

Renovate the Maintenance/Receiving/Security Building to create a permanent facility housing all institutional support services. Many institutional services are now housed in aging, temporary portable buildings


 Improve campus safety by completing basic repairs and upgrades such as replace corroding pipes, and power lines with modern and efficient systems)  to meet the needs of a modern learning and working environment.                 Infrastructure was created in the 1960's, before desktop computers, networks and the internet were invented. Current infrastructure cannot meet the demands of technology. Frequent failures of old water supply systems and the WWII surplus boiler are inefficient and expensive.  State funding for scheduled maintenance is unrealistic in today's State fiscal crisis. We need a local plan to upgrade our aging facilities
Upgrade boiler systems  

Upgrade/expand water supply facilities

Upgrade/expand electrical supply facilities
Refinance existing debt to generate needed resources for ongoing facility maintenance                                                                                        $4,000,000    
     Total Needed to Maximize Use of Existing Facilities            $68,404,000                                

Ensure Educational Opportunities for Future Generations                                                 
Create expanded, permanent facilities in Hollister and greater Morgan Hill area. Partner with 4-year universities including San Jose State University and California State University Monterey Bay to create Community-based University Centers in our local cities                
Community-based University Centers will make it possible for district residents to earn bachelor's degrees without commuting on congested freeways.
Expanded, permanent locations serving Morgan Hill and San Benito County will reduce highway congestion, and increase educational opportunities for those communities. Both programs are now housed in leased facilitie s.
The best time for land acquisition is now, while land is still available and affordable. Costs will only continue to rise in the future.

Provide permanent and expanded facility , including a University Center, for San Benito County residents

Expand the Gilroy campus site to include a University Center 

 Acquire land for permanent, expanded facility for Morgan Hill and Coyote Valley residents (seek partnerships to complete construction)

 Total Needed to   Ensure Educational Opportunities for Future Generations      39,596,000                                     

Total Amount Needed            $108,000,000