Artist’s Statement

There is something especially appealing about a pot that both functions well and is pleasing to the eye.  I enjoy making pots that are held, used, and admired for their beauty and for how they work.  It is challenging and satisfying to create pots that successfully meet these design and aesthetic criteria, especially without repetition.

My work is intended for use and it completes the circle when people get to know their pots.  One appreciates the nuances of the balance and the feel in the hand and becomes familiar with the details of glaze and texture.  The user gets to know me by experiencing my pots- a kind of communication that speaks across distances and time.

Recently my work has taken a bend toward the sculptural. Human faces and animal heads grow out of wall pieces, unusual angles line up for vase forms, and bird baths sprout leaves and fruit.  Viking ships set out to places yet unknown, horse teapots show up for teatime, and cats peer out at the world.  I continue to produce the vessel format but with sculptural additions that reflect who I am- my interests, my environment, and my heritage.

Family Gooey Pottery

1811 Cole Road

Aromas, CA   95004






Tea Pot