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Forest Philosophy
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The Philosophy Department of Gavilan College offers learners a unique opportunity to take a variety of courses from different philosophical perspectives, yet all rich in the voices of global cultures and religions. 

Philosophy concerns the investigation of the fundamental questions of the human experience, such as:

Is knowledge possible?

Do we have free will?

What is the meaning of life? to Is social justice possible? 

In attempting to answer these questions, the discipline of Philosophy has provided the foundation of many other fields of inquiry, from psychology to sociology, law, and even business.  At the core, Philosophy develops critical thinking skills, but in applying those skills, learners realize that philosophical inquiry has spanned the development of science, the birth of civilizations, religions, and ethical debates about  when life begins and ends, principles of justice, environmental issues, animals rights, global warming, immigration, and even ideas about art, music, and the economy.  Ultimately,

Philosophy provides a learner pursuing any major an opportunity to enhance critical thinking skills while engaging in the analysis of arguments and theories about issues that has spanned the ages and still affect contemporary life.


Career opportunities for Philosophy Majors: 

Learners who have taken Philosophy courses are good candidates for jobs requiring liberal arts education.  Employers often look for people who can solve problems and can write and think critically, skills that philosophy enhances.  Examples of careers include: communications, education, journalism, law, management and business, and politics.


Last modified: March 16, 2009
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