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Welcome to Gavilan's Online Kick-Start!

Bucky the Ram, Gavilan College mascot

Attending college is an adventure!

The Counseling Department at Gavilan College has designed this online presentation with your success in mind. We hope that after completing the Kick-Start, you will have the tools you need to get started at the college so you can reach your educational goals in a timely manner.

Kick-Start is the first component of the College's two-part Orientation process. Following completion of Kick-Start, you will complete the New College Student Seminar (Guid 210) during your first semester of enrollment.

The Orientation requirement needed to qualify for priority registration is satisfied once you complete both the Kick-Start and New College Student Seminar.

Your success at Gavilan is part of a partnership between you and the college. Your part of the partnership is to:

  • identify and declare and educational goal and major
  • meet with a counselor to make and update your educational plan so that you stay on track
  • seek out services on campus that will support you and help you stay in school
  • make progress towards your goal.

Although we encourage all students to complete the Orientation process, some students are exempt.

In order to be exempt from the orientation process you...
must have an AA degree or higher; or
must have accumulated fewer than 12 units in transfer courses; and
must not plan to earn a certificate or degree; and
must be presently enrolled in fewer than six units

If you are not exempt from Orientation, you have the right to formally waive your participation in the service. By doing so, please be aware that you will also waive your eligibility to participate in priority (early) registration as a continuing student.  New students will not be eligible for registration advising in the Counseling Department until the Kick-Start session is complete.  Waiver forms are available at the Admissions Office.

The information covered here will help prepare you for your first counseling appointment, select your semester courses, and complete the registration process. Additional topics include:

  • Admissions and Assessment
  • Educational Programs
  • Campus Publications and Terms to Know
  • Student Services
  • Student Activities
  • Study and Classroom Tips
  • Registration Process and Selecting Classes
  • Summary and Q.& A.
  • Quiz - must answer 75% correctly

Please note that at the conclusion of the Kick-Start, you will be given a quiz to see how much you have learned. In order to receive credit for completion, you must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly.  If you are unable to pass the quiz after three attempts, please schedule an in-person Kick-Start session.

Please note that this online lesson is only the FIRST part of Gavilan's orientation. In order to complete the orientation, you must follow up by enrolling in the New College Student Seminar (.5 unit Guidance 210 during your first semester.

In order to participate in PRIORITY registration as a current, continuing student, your orientation MUST be completed a minimum of three weeks before the priority registration date. If your orientation is completed within three weeks of the start of registration, you will be able to register on the "Open Registration" date.

After reviewing each web page, click on "Next" to proceed to the next topic.

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