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New Student Orientation

Welcome to Gavilan College!

Orientation at Gavilan College is a two part process:

1. First, new students complete the Gavilan Kick-Start, which provides the basic information and tools needed to get started at the college, including which classes are best to start with. The Kick-Start should be completed prior to registering for first semester classes. Students must complete the Kick-Start prior to meeting with a counselor for registration assistance.

2. The second part of the orientation process is completion of the New College Student Seminar (Guid 210), a short-term .5 unit class taken during the first semester of enrollment. This course provides new students with the opportunity to become familiar with Gavilan College, its programs and services, degree options, policies and expectations, and much more! Whether you plan on transferring to a four-year university or are on a career path, there are important things you need to know as you begin your college career. Those who complete orientation have an easier introduction to college and move toward their goal with more confidence and in a reasonable amount of time.


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Do you need to complete Kick-Start?

College Experience

Have you previously attended college?

Orientation Class

Have you successfully completed a New Student Orientation course at another college?

Kick-Start is Optional

Completing Kick-Start is optional for you. If you would like to complete it, please click on the link below. If not, your next step is to meet with a counselor. Please bring all test scores, AP scores, and transcripts you have with you to your appointment.

Kick-Start is Required

You are required to complete Kick-Start. Click below to be redirected.

Kick-Start is Highly Recommended

It is highly recommended that you complete Kick-Start. This Kick-Start will help orient you to Gavilan College and our specific policies and procedures. If you choose not to complete Kick-Start, please make an appointment with a counselor and bring all test scores, AP scores, and transcripts you have with you

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*Completion of the two part Orientation process (Kick-Start + New College Student Seminar) satisfies one of the three components required to qualify for Priority Registration status (Orientation, Assessment, Educational Plan).


** GECA and/or concurrently enrolled high school students do not complete a Kick Start session at this time.


Last modified: February 3, 2016
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