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Fitness and Wellness
Mayo Clinic Health Letter
"Will help you determine your current health risks and the habits you can change to reduce your risks". Based on questionnaire and calculators.
Creatine Supplementation in Athletes: If you haven't yet heard of creatine supplementation you soon will. It is being promoted as a muscular performance enhancer, and there is scientific evidence to support this. Unfortunately, claims have escalated beyond science, and now athletes from a wide variety of sports have begun taking this substance.
Fitness Magazine
Fitness Magazine: Weight-loss plans, video workouts, abs excessive, diet plans, beauty tricks, and health advise.
Information Network Incorporated - excellent resource on diseases, medical dictionary, and ask the experts.
Health World Online - site for health and wellness topics.
Prevention Magazine: Health, Fitness, Weight Loss, Diets, and more.
Diabetes Exerciese and Sports Association
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