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How to schedule a mediation through Gavilan Mediation Services:

To explore setting up a confidential mediation with another student, contact Leslie Tenney at (408) 846-5951 or


To find out more about how mediation works, check out or call the Counseling Department at (408) 848-4723.


Gavilan Mediation Services can mediate many issues

between students:

·school-related problems with other students

·students' relationship problems

·student athlete conflicts

·conflicts between club or group members

·some gender disputes

·some racial disputes


Gavilan Mediation Services CANNOT mediate:

·problems with college staff*

·criminal behavior**

·child abuse**

·threats of violence**

·sexual harassment**

·gender/ethnic discrimination**


*Students residing in Santa Clara county who have conflicts with non-students (co-workers, employers, neighbors, relatives, teachers,,friends, etc.) or conflicts with other students during the summer may contact the County Office of Dispute Resolution,792-2314, to explore mediation through the county, or the Gavilan Counseling Department, 848-4723.


**Contact the Counseling Department, 848-4723, for help with these issues