Evaluating Library Tutorials

Considering that you are taking classes off the main Gilroy campus and far from the Gavilan Library, please answer these questions about what would help you to use the library resources more often and more efficiently.
  1. Do you have a Gavilan College library card? yes no

  2. Did you have a librarian come to your class to explain the tutorials available and the resources linked from the library page?    yes no

  3. Have you ever ordered a book from the Gavilan Library to be sent to your off-site campus?
    yes no

  4. What library resources have you used to get information from books?

    Ordered library books from the Gavilan main campus library.
    Previewed books through Google Books
    Used the online e-books through Netlibrary to read a book.
    None. I've never used information from books through the Gavilan Library.

  5. Out of all the databases for articles available through the Gavilan Library website, which ones have you used? Check all that apply.

    CQ Researcher
    Opposing Viewpoints
    Ethnic Newswatch
    Country Watch
    Literature Resource Center

  6. After reading the research tutorial, do you feel more confident in evaluating and choosing websites to use for a research project?
    yes no

  7. What could the staff at the Gavilan Library do to help you in finding material for your research projects?

  8. How could the library tutorials be more useful to you?

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