Researching Individual Databases Within EBSCOhost

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EBSCOhost is actually a group of more than 20 databases. If you are researching in a particular subject like History you can add or remove one or more databases.

You will need a Gavilan Library card to search EBSCOhost from off campus. Your 'password' will be some part of your library card number. The instructions are on the login page.


Step 1:

Get Started.

Click on the EBSCOhost logo on the Library Homepage.

On the following page, Select Research Databases on EBSCOhost Web Interface

Step 2:

Select the databases you want to search.



In EBSCOhost you begin by searching our 3 most general databases. These three are the most useful to most people. These are Academic Search Premier, MasterFILE Premier and Newspaper Source Plus. For this project you might want to customize the choices to databases that are about your discipline of history.

Click Choose Databases

screenshot of choose databases link



If you want to avoid articles from newspapers you can remove the newspaper database or just add a database that will be about your topic. Look at the other databases and select the ones that may be about your topic or discipline such as History Reference Center.

Unselect the databases you don't want to search and select those you do want to add and Click OK

Choose databases list

To find out what each database covers put your cursor over the bubble next to the database name and you will find a description of that database.


Step 3:

Enter your research terms



Step 4:

Select from your result list or use suggested subjects to narrow your results. I selected Ohlone Indians from the Subject Thesaurus list.

screen shot of the narrow results by subject

Step 5:

Select an article from the result list. To read the full text of the article select one of the full text links.

screen shot of a search result listing


As always, if you have other questions, please contact the Library Reference Desk.

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