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Emma Villarreal Garza

Oral history by: Adolfo Tellez
Date submitted: December, 2011

Emma Villarreal Garza is an extraordinary woman with a life that is both exciting and magnificent. Emma father came from Spain and her grandmother came from Mexico. Emma was born on July 9, 1946 in D’hanis, Texas. D’hanis is a place that is known for its brick making factory and it was also where Emma’s father worked at times. Production, specifically agricultural production, takes a huge place in Emma’s life. In D’hanis, she lived in a little country house on five acres. She and her family would grow corn there to make a living. While living in D’hanis, Emma lost Rodolfo, her eight month old brother, to a high fever and infection. At the time they were no where near a hospital and could not save him. This was a tragedy that her and her family would have to overcome and they would never forget it.

David Techaira

Oral History by: Brian Flint
Date Submitted: December 5, 2011

Listen to Brian Flint’s Interview of David Techaira

Let me introduce to you David Techaira who works as a barber in Hollister, California. Though he lives in the States he was actually born in the Pacific island of Guam in the year 1946. Both he and his wife, Christine, have been happily living in Hollister for over twenty years and been married for thirty.