Submission Guidelines

Finger Pointing to Criteria    Audio files should be in a common format such as MP3, MP4 or WAV

Finger Pointing to Criteria    First page should contain the following information in the upper left corner

  • Student Name
  • Class (e.g. HIST3, HST14)
  • Instructor Name
  • Date
  • Interviewee

Finger Pointing to Criteria    Paper should be formatted according MLA guidelines

  • 1” margins
  • Times New Roman font 12pt
  • Double Spaced
  • Page Number as a center footer

Here is a picture of a sample page
image of a sample page

Finger Pointing to Criteria    You must have a signed and completed Informed Consent and Deed of Gift form.

Finger Pointing to Criteria    By submitting your project you agree to its posting on the Gavilan Oral History Project website ( All works submitted to this site will be protected under a Creative Commons License .

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