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Frances Palmtag

Oral history by: Deborah McDonald
Date submitted: December 10, 2012

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Frances Palmtag was born in Hollister, California on December 5, 1921. Her parents were Carl and Myrtle (O’Conner) Palmtag. She had two sisters, Hazel born (June 2, 1923) and Charlsie born (July 10, 1931). Her maternal grandparents were Benjamin and Mary (Niggle) O’Connor. Benjamin was of Irish descent from Offaly Ireland and Mary was of Swiss-German descent. Her paternal grandparents were Charles and Amelia (Krayer) Palmtag. Charles and Amelia were both born in Germany and came to America separately. Charles was from Emmendigen and Amelia was from Alsace-Lorraine. They were married in San Francisco. They settled in Hollister and had three children, Marie, Carl, and Muriel. They had a butcher shop in Los Banos. Frances believes her grandfather knew Henry Miller. They moved to Quien Sabe Ranch in Tres Pinos where Charles worked as a foreman. He saved his money and bought a ranch in Hollister and grew prunes, apricots and walnuts. He worked at both ranches for a while and when his son Carl came home from WWI he began working at the family ranch with his father. Carl was born on August 12, 1894 and married Myrtle O’Connor in February 1921. Myrtle was a California girl and was born in Hollister on August 4, 1891. Myrtle had a sister Ruby (Nyland) and a brother Benjamin.

Ted Minoru Kubota

Oral history by: Brett Jackson

Date submitted: December, 2011

While I was growing up my grandfather seemed to be a quiet, funny, hardworking man. As it came to be, he lived a very stressful life that was rich in experience, and discrimination, that helped make him the man he is today. Throughout the struggles he endured, he was still able to nurture the loving family he has now and still works hard every day.

Emma Villarreal Garza

Oral history by: Adolfo Tellez
Date submitted: December, 2011

Emma Villarreal Garza is an extraordinary woman with a life that is both exciting and magnificent. Emma father came from Spain and her grandmother came from Mexico. Emma was born on July 9, 1946 in D’hanis, Texas. D’hanis is a place that is known for its brick making factory and it was also where Emma’s father worked at times. Production, specifically agricultural production, takes a huge place in Emma’s life. In D’hanis, she lived in a little country house on five acres. She and her family would grow corn there to make a living. While living in D’hanis, Emma lost Rodolfo, her eight month old brother, to a high fever and infection. At the time they were no where near a hospital and could not save him. This was a tragedy that her and her family would have to overcome and they would never forget it.

David Techaira

Oral History by: Brian Flint
Date Submitted: December 5, 2011

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Let me introduce to you David Techaira who works as a barber in Hollister, California. Though he lives in the States he was actually born in the Pacific island of Guam in the year 1946. Both he and his wife, Christine, have been happily living in Hollister for over twenty years and been married for thirty.

Joe McMahon

Oral history by: Danielle Jimenez
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Joe McMahon is an influential member of the community whose life has been filled with great value and rich experiences. I had the pleasure of being able to interview Joe to learn about his family’s history in an effort to share his life with the community. Throughout his life, Joe has achieved many goals that led to a fulfilling career in the educational system. He has always been fueled by his passions. His oral history proves that he is a wise, determined, hard working, and open minded man.

Peter Clay Frusetta

Oral History by Will Frusetta
Date: December 6, 2010

Peter Clay Frusetta was born in 1932 to Ruth Hodges and George Joseph Frusetta. He was born in Tres Pinos, California in the exact house that he also grew up in. Incidentally, he also raised his family on F Street, the same street where he has lived his entire life, and his eldest son Robert Frusetta was also born and raised on F Street, where he too raised a family.

Peter’s name was derived from a distant cousin who died very young. The late Peter was eleven years old and had gone hunting with his siblings. They had been looking for game and when an older brother took aim at a bird and pulled the trigger. Peter stood up just at that time, his head blocked the barrel, and he was shot in the head at point blank range. Peter died in the arms of the brother that day, and Peter Clay Frusetta was named after the little boy.