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Sig Sanchez

Sig Sanchez Presentation Poster, by Ricardo Alvarado II
Oral History By: Ricardo Alvarado
Submitted December 2013

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Sig Sanchez was born on November 11th 1920 in Hollister California. To a family with ten siblings, four whom were boys, the other six were girls. He grew up working on his family farm, and graduated from San Benito High School. After he graduated he stayed in Agriculture his whole life up to a few years ago. He had farms in Gilroy, Hollister, Merced, Imperial Valley, and Sacramento.
In 1953 Sig was told about an opening in the Gilroy City Council. That was when he started his political career. He stayed for nine years on the Gilroy City Council. He served two terms. He then ran for mayor and was elected in 1958 where he stayed for two terms, until 1963. In 1963 he ran for Santa Clara County Supervisors. He stayed for four terms, from 1963-1978. In 1980 Sig was appointed to the Santa Clara Water District board, where he stayed for thirty years. Sig had a very successful career in both politics and agriculture.

Peter Clay Frusetta

Oral History by Will Frusetta
Date: December 6, 2010

Peter Clay Frusetta was born in 1932 to Ruth Hodges and George Joseph Frusetta. He was born in Tres Pinos, California in the exact house that he also grew up in. Incidentally, he also raised his family on F Street, the same street where he has lived his entire life, and his eldest son Robert Frusetta was also born and raised on F Street, where he too raised a family.

Peter’s name was derived from a distant cousin who died very young. The late Peter was eleven years old and had gone hunting with his siblings. They had been looking for game and when an older brother took aim at a bird and pulled the trigger. Peter stood up just at that time, his head blocked the barrel, and he was shot in the head at point blank range. Peter died in the arms of the brother that day, and Peter Clay Frusetta was named after the little boy.