Gavilan College Library, Gilroy, California

Welcome to the Library

This tutorial is designed to introduce you to the Gavilan College Library. You will learn where to find:

    • The Reference collection, where you can find
      encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, book reviews, and more.

    • The Circulating collection, where you can find
      a book on your topic to check out and take home with you.

    • The Gavilan online catalog, where you can
      search for a book on your topic.

    • The Gavilan Library Website, where you can
      search for magazine and newspaper articles,
      Internet sites and online reference sources.

    • The places in the library to get help.
    • And much more.
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This first section will take you around the physical library. In the next section, we'll tour the virtual library.

There are 20 white cards located around the library in various places. They look something like this:

Circulation Desk Placard Your job is to wander around the library and find each of these cards. Each one will mark a station, give a title to that station, and give a short description of what you can do there.

As you find each card, take some rough notes. Then come back to this website to fill in the form below.

For each of the 20 stations, write a title for the station, and a brief description of what is available there.

An open book with a question markA couple of hints before you start. Station #9 has two locations, one in the first, or west wing, and one in the east wing.

And Station #10 is the reference desk, located in the east wing. If you get stuck, or have any problems, come to this desk.

This is an online assignment. To submit your answers, click on the Assignment Page button and begin filling in the text fields on the next screen. Be sure to put in your NAME and your E-MAIL ADDRESS.

When you've finished filling in all the information, click on the SUBMIT button.

Assignment Page button - link to online form
Have a wonderful tour.
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