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Internet Assignment #2

This assignment will examine the concept of phantom limb or stump hallucination. Click onto the Phantom Limbs website linked below. This website is from the Department of Psychology at Macalaster College in Minnesota.

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Once you are in the website, you can click on the various links to find answers to the questions listed below. Read through the questions first so that you'll know what you're looking for.

1. Differentiate between phantom sensations and phantom limb pain.

2. Explain how a client may have never even been born with a limb and still experience phantom sensations.

3. Answer these questions:.

  • How soon after surgery may sensations occur?      

  • Do sensations diminish over time?      

  • What percent of clients report phantom sensations?      

  • For what reason do clients tend to underreport phantom pain?      

And now for the link:

Phantom Limbs


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