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Internet Assignment #3b

This is the second part of Assignment 3, where you'll be continuing the assessment of your risk for several types of cancer by using the self-evaluation questionaires hosted by the Siteman Cancer Center.
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Remember the list of cancer types along the right side of the screen? For each of the cancer types listed below, answer the questions describing your diet, hereditary, and medical history, and then record your results.

When you choose a cancer type, you'll notice options listed. Click on the Fact Sheet option to find more information about this particular type of cancer, and answer the questionnaire for each cancer type.

Bladder Cancer

  1. What is your risk assessment?    

  2. List 3 risk factors for bladder cancer from the Risk List link:


  1. What is your risk assessment?    

  2. List the 3 types of skin cancer:

  3. List 4 characteristics that may cause a person to suspect a mole of menanomatous changes:

  4. What effect does severe sunburns as a child have on melanoma risk?

Uterine Cancer
Note: Men may answer using a significant woman's data.

  1. What is your risk assessment?    

  2. Where does uterine cancer rank (1 - 10th) in the incidence for women?    

  3. What is the effect of overweight on a woman's uterine cancer risk?    

  4. What is the effect of birth control pills?    

  5. Childbirth has what effect on uterine cancer?    

Kidney Cancer

  1. What is your risk assessment?    

  2. What effect does cigarette smoking have on kidney cancer?


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